Heating up the mat one tumbler at a time!

Follow our progress

Here was how some of the renovation process went as we turned the space into our very own!  So hard to believe it went from the first picture to what it is now!

Well here it is!  We are so excited to have signed the lease and finally have our own set of keys!  It's time to get to work!  Let's hope the boys stay this excited about it.

Here is a look from the front door. There is a counter top area that will need to go and the wall behind it will be coming out as well.  This will open up the space so it's one big room with two bathrooms off to the left and a small storage closet.

It's demo time!  We had a blast as a family taking down the back wall and taking out the counter top area.  What could be more fun than smashing down walls??  Brady was quite upset when the smashing was over, he worked so hard and was an amazing help!

Yey you can finally see through to the back!!  Mark is certainly working hard on getting this wall outta here!!

Check out the progress that was made in just two days!  All that's left to come out are the studs!

Lot's of debris, can't wait to get it out of here!

The cutest little worker around!

The wall is finally completely down and we have one open space!  And all of the debris is gone too.  Lots of cleaning to be done along with many more little things but the "big" stuff is done!  I am testing out paint colors today too!

Here is Mr. Brennan admiring the new paint color that will go up on the wall!  I think he approves :)

I have to say we are very lucky to have so much wonderful help!!

We had to let them have a little fun!

Our partitions have arrived!  It's awesome not having to look at the sprinkler system anymore! 

Look out, we have curtains!!!  We are starting to look more pulled together now!

The walls are painted! We have some touching up to do, but it's coming along now! And you can see one of our cheese mats and octagons.  We can't wait to get our cheer mats in here!

The other side and a glimpse of one of our octagons!